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I'm Alisa. An expert in organizing.

I"ve always had a passion for organizing, in fact, an organized pantry, and tidy drawer, a labelled bin all bring me great joy. Some say "it's something you have to be born with." And while I agree, that the natural tendancy for organizing, categorizing and de-cluttering might be something one is born with, it  is also a skill that can be learned, applied, and improved upon.

Life is busy. I have four beautiful girls, between the ages of 2 and 18, and have been married to an amazing man for the last 22 years. His career in the military moved us 7 times in 14 years. Although challenging, each of those moves provided motivation for de-cluttering, organization, simplifying, and focusing in on the "moments" of life and not the "things" of life. 

Most recently, life has planted us in an amazing community in central Florida, and we have opened our home to foster children. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, but with each comes growth and more blessings that we ever could have imagined. There really is no way to prepare for them, but we can do things to make the twisting and turning a little easier. 

Let me help you organize your home so that you can find joy around every corner


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"Alisa came into my chaos and clutter

and magically created order and beauty!!

She came to our home, with a family of 7,

just after a move in and organized my

oversized pantry to not only look orderly

but also be functional! I've since received

so many compliments from friends when visiting and they all say 'wow you're so organized'...which I am not in the least, but

at least my pantry gives that impression!!


"I seriously couldn't have tackled the kids closets and rooms alone! It just kept overwhelming me every time I thought about it.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

You performed magic this week!


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