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Conquer your piles like a Pro

At some point, we all have them. Some more than others perhaps.

You can find them on counters, desks, closets, garage floors, bedroom floors.....

Why do we have them? How do they get created?

The answer probably lies in one of these 5 reasons...

  1. The items don’t actually have a “home.”

  2. The items need something done with them, but not right away.

  3. You are undecided about the items.

  4. You put it down, instead of putting it away.

  5. You were in a hurry to clean up.

Piles can quickly cause one to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Mostly because there are so many things that need to be done with the items in the pile. Most of the things in the pile, would take just a minute or two to take care of, but collectively, it makes us think it is too much work. So the pile stays and continues to grow.

Here is how yo get rid of the pile like a TWO steps!

First - Categorize ( like things together) while purging at the same time!!

Categorize the items into groups of what makes sense to you. As you touch each item, decide right then if you are going to keep it, toss it or donate it.

Second - Find or create a home for the items. Work with one “group” at a time. Homes let you know exactly where things belong, which makes it easier to put things away. If something doesn’t already have a home, create one. Use shoe organizers, clear bins, boxes, and baskets.

As easy as this can all be...sometimes the piles are paralyzing. Sometimes, it’s just too hard to stay focused because there is so much to take care of. That’s when you call in the professional. The one that can help make quick purging decisions, the one that can help guide on how to categorize and where to find ”homes” for your items. The one that can teach you methods to keep the piles at bay.

Set up a free 15 min consultation so we can chat about findMing your peaceful, happy, pile free space.

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