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Look up. Using Vertical Space to Maximize Storage

Vertical space. One of the most untapped storage resources in your home.

Using vertical storage allows you to store items off the floor, off dressers, off kitchen counters and desks, reducing clutter and keeping items more accessible.

As an example- the garage.

The Before: large ladders ( 2 sizes) hung on the wall. Yard tools hung on the wall ( but the number of tools had outgrown the number of hooks). Sports equipment on a storage rack on the floor. Bikes hung from the ceiling, but difficult for children to access...and the number of bikes was growing.

The result was a lot of clutter on the floor. It looked messy, bikes were always falling over and it was increasingly difficult to put things where they belonged.

The After: using utility tracks with reposition-able hooks, we were able to use wall space from floor to ceiling. Bike hooks on the utility tracks means the kids can easily access their bikes, and they are no longer falling over on the garage floor. Using diff size hooks and even a ball bag means the sports storage rack was no longer needed and allowed for a larger space to hang yard tools.

The result is a clean floor space, easy access to bikes, balls and toys, items not frequently used, hung high on the wall, but still visible and accessible, and easy to maintain.

Where is the un-used vertical space in your home? The back of a closet or cabinet drawer, under bathroom sinks, the pantry, above a piece of shorter furniture.

Take inventory, in every room, in every closet, in the garage, etc.

Look up! Is there valuable, un-used storage space in your home?

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