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Morning Routines….and systems that work

Do you find mornings with your children to be stressful? Do you feel rushed? Do you or your children leave the house, forgetting to grab needed items; because you can’t find them or you just don’t remember you need them? Do you find yourself raising your voice at your kids because everything seems to be a power struggle? Do you find yourself doing everything for your kids, not having enough time to get ready yourself?

Put a system in place that will allow for calmer, more organized, happier mornings. Not stress free and not perfect because, well, let’s face it….it’s us….it’s them… they’re kids…and we don’t know everything.

A morning routine is key….WHY????

* they create a sense of security. When kids know what to expect, they are calmer, and usually more cooperative. Stress is reduced and that’s good for everyone in the house.

* they teaches organization. Routines are nothing more than tasks organized … “accomplish this, in a certain amount of time, and then move onto this.”

* they prevent power struggles. When kids get used to routines, they learn what comes first, then next; expectations are set, with little questioning. It’s just what you do.

* they foster independence. When kids know what to do, you won’t find yourself repeating things, over and over. Reminders, sure! They are kids…

* they save time. Once established, you won’t forget things, you won’t be repeating yourself, you won’t be back tracking to accomplish tasks, you won’t be looking for things.

* they allow for creating strong family bonds. When you aren’t focused on the tasks- because they have been completed, easily and without fuss and struggle, you can focus on creating moments that make memories….singing together in the car, eating a favorite breakfast together, walking to school instead of driving because you aren’t late.

Join me, over the next few days, on my FB page (@AlisaAdamsStyle), as I share some simple, easy, systems to create your customized, just for your family, morning routine.

* choosing clothes/outfits ahead of time w/some closet organization to make it easy

* establishing a ”command post”

* the night routine makes the morning routine that much better

* assembly line lunches

* meal planning

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