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What’s a Quilt Got To Do With It?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is-

What do I do with all the clothes? The baby clothes you’ve been hanging on to. The football jerseys and t‘s your teen wore through school years. The clothes worn by a loved one who passed away. The years of uniforms worn during military service.

Truth is, it all takes up space. And for the majority of us, our space is limited. There is not an endless supply of empty drawers, bins, totes, or shelves to store the clothes we just can’t part with.

For many, items of clothing can evoke such emotion and accompany precious memories....trips, hobbies, time spent together, events, beloved places, etc.

However, what are they doing for you in a box, bin or drawer.... besides taking up space and possibly adding to clutter?

One of the best ways to gain the space back AND enjoy the special memories and thoughts attached to the clothing is to turn them into a quilt.

Something you can use, touch, feel, and see frequently.

I love it when I can turn a bag full of clothes into a keepsake that will be treasured.

Check out my FB page @BearNecessitiesQuiltsandBears to see lots of examples.

Gain your space back and enjoy sweet memories too.

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